13 Mouth-Watering Keto Dinner Recipes

Variety is important with any meal plan. Check out these Keto Dinner Recipes and spice up your menu!

New to the Keto lifestyle? Then you need to keep your mouth inspired while you build a new eating habit in your life.

Just because you are trying to change how you look and feel does not mean that you have to be bored with your food options or feel like you are eating cardboard.

If you are a Keto veteran, then you too need to stay inspired with your meal options so you can keep getting the nutrition your body needs to hit your goals and keep a smile on your face while you do it!

Let’s dive into this list of Keto Dinner Recipes that I have out together and keep rocking our daily meals.

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow, when you are enjoying some leftovers at work on your lunch break, a co-worker will give you a compliment on your food and you can surprise them that it is a Keto meal and inspire them to give Keto a try!


Mouth-Watering Keto Dinner Recipes

BBQ Cheddar Bacon Meatloaf

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Joy Filled Eats

You had me at bacon.

Then you threw BBQ, cheese, and meatloaf all into the same recipe?

I had to pinch myself to make sure that I had not died and gone to heaven!

One large challenge I have been having with my Keto lifestyle was missing BBQ dishes. So if you are like me, then be sure to check out the 3 sugar-free BBQ sauce recipes included with this recipe and see what new options open up for you and your meals!

This dish is sure to please most anyone at your table. Check it out here and get started! Your mouth will say thank you!


Deconstructed Pizza Casserole

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Kalyn’s Kitchen

Pizza has always been on my list of “Almost Perfect Foods” since my dad introduced me to it as a little kid.

It was a good way for him to get me to eat my veggies!

As an adult, I discovered that the humble pizza is a perfect platform to try new flavor combinations and keep things fresh.

Not having to give up pizza while eating Keto is like having your cake and eating it too. But wait — that’s a subject for another post!

But what do you do if you are craving pizza but do not feel like you want to take the time to make a Keto-Friendly Crust?

You pull this solid recipe out of your book and crush that craving!

Get it here!


Low Carb Mushroom Cauliflower Rice

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of So Beautifully Balanced

I love mushrooms and really enjoyed Asian-style dishes before I changed to Keto. Cauliflower rice is a staple in my home now so I do not have to give up all those wonderful Asian flavors!

When Jennifer posted this recipe on her blog, So Beautifully Balanced, I just had to check it out.

Combining my love of mushrooms and Asian style cooking was too good to pass up. Add a cut of beef, chicken, or fish and this make a great meal!


Keto Asian Chicken Noodle Salad

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Have Butter Will Travel

Speaking of Asian-style flavors, this terrific recipe serves it up in spades!

It also includes a link to  a noodle substitute if you want to try something different besides making zoodles. (That’s Keto-lingo for “noodles made from fresh zucchini.”)

This recipe makes for a tremendous meal and is wonderful hot or cold. Enjoy it at the office for lunch or as a summertime dinner!


Keto Cheeseburger Casserole Skillet

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Cast Iron Keto

I love using my cast iron skillet!

I also love hamburgers of all kinds.

Most of the time, when you want a hamburger on Keto you get out the iceberg lettuce and wrap up a patty or two with your fix’ns and try to enjoy it without leaking and dripping all over yourself.

This awesome recipe idea solves that problem by turning your classic hamburger into an awesome skillet-casserole creation.

Grab this recipe today and let the little kid inside cheer! You can always add or subtract toppings and make this your own!


Low Carb Chicken Alfredo

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Lowcarb-ology

It is no secret in my house that I am a sauce guy.

One of my favorites is an alfredo sauce and this marvelous recipe combines that with one of my favorite vegetables, asparagus.

Throw all this together with some tender chicken and my family might have to cook up another meal for dinner… I might not want to share!

Get this tasty treat here!


Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Don’t Sweat The Recipe

This is a classic treat that is sure to please the whole family!

I practically lived on mac ‘n’ cheese in college, so it is cool to be able to eat this now and savor some nostalgia and stay on Keto at the same time.

My kids really love this dish with some blue cheese crumbles mixed in to give it some extra kick. They beg for it all the time!

Grab this recipe and be the hero at your next meal!


Low Carb Taco Cabbage Skillet

Keto Dinner Recipes


Image and recipe courtesy of Hey Keto Mama

There has always been something about the smell of taco spices in the air of the kitchen that make me hungry!

Maybe it is all the good memories hanging out with my old college buddies eating tacos by the plate-full…

Now I can fully enjoy the wonderful taste explosion that makes up a taco and not get hit by a major carb load.

Even though this recipe is good as is, I always feel the urge to mix and match toppings on my tacos, so let your imagination run wild!


Keto Chicken Pot Pie

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Kasey Trenum

Chicken pot pie is something your grandma would cook and feed you to keep you fueled up and sledding on the hill outside in all that winter snow!

This recipe will let you enjoy all the flavor and stick-to-your-ribs power of chicken pot pie with Keto style, no matter the season!


Low Carb Pizza – Deep Dish!

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Keto Connect

Pizza can sometimes be a topic that gets people hot and bothered.

I am sure you have been either part of or overheard a “discussion” of who has the best deep dish pizza in town…

Now you can stop the next pizza war before it starts.

Get cooking with this deep dish recipe and show them Tony’s does not have the best slice in town… You do!


Keto Cheesy Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Breast

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of I Breathe I’m Hungry

Spinach is one of those vegetables that people either love or hate.

This recipe looks like a wonderful way to unite both camps under the flag of “Yummmm!”

Loads of creamy cheese to help slide the spinach past your kids, while pleasing your adult taste buds.


Easy Tamale Pie Casserole

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Wholesome Yum

Things that go well together: summer afternoons, fine Mexican food, and beer with lime…

This fun and tasty tamale recipe will bring joy to your table as you dive into this hardy meal.

Top it with sour cream, salsa or maybe your favorite hot sauce…

Now if I could only have a beer on Keto, this would be perfect!


“Just Like The Real Thing” Low Carb Keto Lasagna

Keto Dinner Recipes

Image and recipe courtesy of Peace Love And Low Carb

There are lots of Keto lasagna recipes out there.

Most of them use vegetables like zucchini to replace the noodles.

While they are very tasty and fill you up, sometimes you miss the real thing.

Try this recipe and maybe you can shock those at your table…

What? This is Keto??


Keto Dinner Recipes – Put Some Spice In Your Life!


Dinner is the meal I look forward to the most each day. After finishing up with my work and everyday challenges, I need something to unwind and relax.

It is my chance to help shape and control how my day ends and gives me something I can focus on “in the now” to put my cares behind me.

The textures, colors and aromas all combining into a mini-relaxation session as you cook your meal.

Once I start anticipating how it will taste I find I am beaming from ear-to-ear!

I hope these Keto Dinner Recipes that I have gathered will do the same for you. See if you can find some that will add to the variety of your cookbook and rock on Keto Warrior, rock on!


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Keto Dinner Recipes

Keto Dinner Recipes
Keto Dinner Recipes

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