Hi there! I’m Dale.

I have always tried to live a healthy life.

Well, to be honest, there were a few years in my late teens when I might have enjoyed a few more pizzas and Mt. Dews than I should have…

Once those youthful indiscretions were behind me, I’ve tried to do the best I could to exercise and eat right.

Over the years, things change. I got married and had a few kids.  Went through some job changes and promotions.

All of this placed more demands on my time and made it harder to find any time in my day to work out or make healthy meals.

The next challenge I had to deal with was getting older!  Who knew that as I aged, my metabolism would slow down some and staying in shape would take even more work!

Maybe I had not fully left my youthful thinking behind me… I must have noticed people in their mid life getting a little thicker around the middle…

Now I found myself joining that club. With all those demands on my time, what little exercise I could squeeze into my week was not enough, and the pounds slowly started to add up.

The load of stress from work started to wear me down. Before I knew it, I felt like a 80-year-old man…

Things had to change fast or I could find myself looking up at the flowers from six feet down.

I have been looking for better and more efficient ways to exercise and eat, ever since.

There have been some solid wins and some failures along the way. I am still working on my own journey and have had to adjust my mental game a few times as well.

It’s not something I can just beat once and then take a step back. No, I am going to have to keep working on it for the rest of my life. This is not a short program to work through… it is a lifestyle. I owe it to myself to keep working at it and keep moving forward.

Maybe you have found yourself in a tough place in life. Not sure what to do to make the needed changes. Not sure you can keep your head in the game long enough to find that win.

Join with me and start your own journey to better health. Every step counts, even the ones that go backwards or sideways. We learn from those, and after we dust ourselves off, we move forward again.

Take a good, long, look in the mirror. Let go of all those negative thoughts and labels that have been thrust on you over the years.

You know who I see in your mirror? A winner just waiting to bust out…

Let’s do this!